Why I Hate Studying Law

I hate studying law! Why is this degree so dreary? It can be a tough adjustment, especially if you’re adjusting to a new city or school. Law school is a rigorous, triple-digit hourly grind, and you often have no idea how you’re doing in class. If you’re not a natural born leader, law school might not be for you. But it’s important to remember that many brilliant people studied law

You can’t be independent when you’re in law school. It’s as if you’re in the military for the first few years – you’re expected to follow rules and obey your superiors. Even worse, there’s a lot of draconian law that doesn’t make any sense, and you can’t create your own rules. Law school’s focus on rules and patterns is not a good fit for creative minds. But you can get around this by using some creativity – and that’s exactly what you should be doing buxic.

Lastly, law is boring. Unless you’re interested in EU Directives and lease renewals, studying law is like watching paint dry. You’ll spend more money on books than you make in a year, and you’ll only read three out of hundreds! Not to mention the hours you’ll spend searching for books. So, what’s the point of a PS35k salary? What’s the point in spending so much money on something you’re never going to use again?

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