3 Must-Have Accessories to Style Your Clothing

If you’re wondering how to accentuate your everyday wears to look classy, you don’t need to work it up. All you need to do is add a few pieces of accessories to your dresses to elevate its looks. For a dress shirt and pants with a coat over it, you may add a thick chain necklace and studs. You can also wear your statement ring that matches to the color of your coat. Adding on accessories not only change the aura of what you wear, but also how you style it.

For example, you can wear a beach hat on your red sundress with some layered necklaces and red flats for the day. At night you can change the layered necklace to one-piece statement pendant and studs in your ears. To change the aura of your dress, all you need to do is change the accessories you wear. If you compare the female obsession with accessories, it is just like how men are obsessed with gaming. Just like with accessories, the promotions of movie and TV series is quite easy.

When it comes to accessories, the choices are never-ending. With the possibility of something to buy, you can never stop to shop for them. To save you from the hassle of what to pick or choose, we shortlisted 3 accessories to level-up your fashion.

L’épingle à cheveux ronde hair pin

Where claw clips and hairbands are added normally to that section this hair pin is just as useful as others. Considering its design, it is more than a regular hair pin. Metallic, it is admirably clean touch and magnificent polished design makes it a unique hair add-on. The square shape intertwined and carved along with the circle is carefully finished with the brand’s logo signature.

This splendid work of art for a hair accessory is not only beautiful but also provides the soft feminine touch. Get your hands on L’épingle à cheveux ronde hair pin to enhance your hairstyles, available on Farfetch promo code.

Prada Runway sunglasses

Sunglasses, the king of accessories, is a must have in your accessory closet. All benefits of protecting your eyes from harmful UV-rays aside, sunglasses just lift your style to a whole new level. Sunglasses are an entirely another mood in fashion industry as they pair up sunglasses with every other dress.

Whether it’s a formal wear or just ‘casual hangout in café’ dress, you can pair up these glasses with anything. Prada Runway Sunglasses are not just sunglasses; they are much more with their rectangular shape. These glasses not only work with all kinds of outfits, but also a perfect add on that you might need.

Monogram phone holder bag

Long chained side bags are one of the staple supplies in accessories. Where there are important accessories such as hair pins and claw clips, side-bags enhances the accent of your dressing style. With an option of removable chain strap you can switch it from just a hand clutch for any dinner party. By attaching the chain strap back on, it is perfect for your shirt and jeans outfit.  Monogram Phone Holder Bag just makes your entire outfit look classy and trendy with the touch of elegancy.

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