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100 Persent Remy Human Hair Wigs

If you want to wear a human hair wig that is a hundred percent real, you should consider 100 persent Remy human hair wigs. They are chemically undamaged and are completely intact from a single donor. Remy hair wigs are heat-safe and hold up very well to styling. One drawback of Remy hair wigs is that they can be more difficult to color than non-Remy wigs. Fortunately, Remy wigs are available in narrower shades than other human hair wigs.

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Remy human hair wigs are highly durable, making them suitable for a variety of styling tools. They can even be customized to give the appearance of natural hair growth. The lace front wigs are especially popular, and you can wear one without any hairline tricks. The Raquel Welch wig is an example of such a wig. It gives the wearer the look of a natural tressed woman without the hassle of hiding the hairline.

The Wig Pro Collection offers a wide variety of high-quality, finely crafted 100 persent remy human hair pigtail wigs. The wigs are made from 100% natural human hair and feature a monofilament top. Remy hair is human hair that has not been stripped, which weakens the cuticle and forces the hair to grow in an unnatural direction. Monofilament tops have the advantage of showing the natural color of the scalp and allowing for multi-directional styling. Moreover, they have hand-knotted hair “grafts” to ultra-fine mesh, allowing the hair to flow more naturally anxnr.

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